About me

Hi! My name is Manon Kloosterman. I live in the eastern part of the Netherlands, in a city called Doesburg. There is a delightfull nature in this part of Holland.

In daily life, I study Medicine and I hope to become a good doctor in three years. When not studying, I like to go out. I play korfball three times a week, go out for a run and go swimming as much as possible. In the summer I work as a Lifeguard for 2 years now; next summer will be my 3rd season.

My outdoorish-addiction started many years ago, when I was just a little girl. When the outdoor flyers came, I always made lists of things I thought I would need, when camping on my own, like tents, backpacks and sleepingbags. I could browse in those flyers for hours. A few years ago, I started with gathering my own stuff. My parents, brother, sister and I are camping each summer in the south of France and I could use and try my gear on those places first.

Last summer, I did my first ‘big’ hike on my own. I went to Fjällräven Classic and had an amazing time. The nature – beautiful, the people – great! It was then when I felt in love with Sweden. At that Classic, I decided to apply for Fjällräven Polar. Inspired by lots of people hiking Classic, I made movie and collected most votes. A dream was coming true when I joined the Polar last April. What an amazing time I had out there.

Those trips, Classic and Polar, changed my mind. I experienced nature as different, compared to ‘normal life’. A once-in-a-lifetime-experience, I would say. But why leave it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Why not make it more ‘normal life’? More accessible? And I think it doesn’t count for me alone. I want to help lowering the threshold for going outdoors. My first steps are to share my stories with interested people. To enjoy and to inspire. Go out!



Hej hej!

I'm always collecting things to enlarge my outdoor collection,
I'm always collecting memories to widen my thoughts.

I like to go out and I want to make the outdoor more accessible.
I haven't set goals, I'll just have a look what crosses my path.

At the moment I'm studying medicine and do a lot of sports (running, swimming, korfball). I work as a Lifeguard in summer and at the moment, I'm learning Swedish.

Maybe a small goal? Inspire other people - and get inspired by people!

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