Finnish Lapland (video)

By womanontherun on 2015.01.07 In Polar reunions!


Last week, me and my Polarfriends went to Finnish Lapland where we had a great time together.

My blog about it is still under construction, but here is already a video-impression of our happy adventures in Finnish Lapland!





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Hej hej!

I'm always collecting things to enlarge my outdoor collection,
I'm always collecting memories to widen my thoughts.

I like to go out and I want to make the outdoor more accessible.
I haven't set goals, I'll just have a look what crosses my path.

At the moment I'm studying medicine and do a lot of sports (running, swimming, korfball). I work as a Lifeguard in summer and at the moment, I'm learning Swedish.

Maybe a small goal? Inspire other people - and get inspired by people!

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